What are Vapour Cigarettes

Vapour Cigarettes or mostly known as E Cigarettes are electronic devices that were designed to mimic that smoke of a regular cigarette which were made to help reduce the inhalation of nicotine from a regular cigarette stick or a cigar or tobacco.

As the world move towards a smoke free air, clearly stopping the pollution brought by cigarettes and cigars which pollutes the air that all people breathe. The demand for Vapour Cigarettes had been quite high and continuously increasing over the last few years due to the good effect towards all users versus inhaling the smoke brought by cigarettes and cigars. Let this differentiate what smoking and vaping involve.

In Vaping (Vapour Cigarettes):

• No significant level of toxins in vapors, almost toxin free
• There are only a handful of ingredients; these are nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and obviously your flavoring to be specific.
• Has a measurable nicotine amount, namely: None: Zero (0)mg of nicotine, Extra Light: Six (6) mg of nicotine, Light: Twelve (12) mg of nicotine, Regular: Eighteen (18) mg of nicotine, High: Twenty Four (24) mg of nicotine
• Zero TAR in Vapour Cigarettes (non cancerous, non staining)
• Odorless ad no ashes left behind (vapor dissipates in seconds)
In Smoking (Cigarettes and Cigars):
• Given fact, it kills and had been proven to have killed a huge number of smokers
• It has thousands of chemicals (which you inhale and exhale)
• It has inconsistent high level of amount of nicotine
• Hundreds of poisonous amount of combustion chemicals (harmful to environment)
• Carcinogens from combustion (deadly to human)
• It has TAR (damages your teeth, tongue, gums and lungs)
• Leaves an odor that stays in your breath, hair, skin and obviously your clothes

After these things and factors discussed, proves that Vapour Cigarettes is safer and healthier than smoking cigarettes. There are quite a number of documented benefits in vaping, considering that vaping had just been around for the last few years, versus smoking cigarettes and cigars that had been traced for more than a few centuries. Such that had involved a number of documented illnesses brought by direct smoking and most illnesses brought by second hand smoke.

The switch to Vapour Cigarettes had improved the health of most smokers that opted to quit smoking cigarettes and cigars, as inconsistent amount of nicotine decreases life expectancy of smokers, if not totally guaranteeing death after a number of years of smoking. Their addiction towards nicotine had slowly disappeared.