What to Check during Termite Inspection

Checking for termites is an easy thing to do. You just have to know where they could be and the signs that indicate their location. Also, you should know how to look for these signs and what signs you are looking for. Termites are a pain in the ass because first, they do not pay your rent for living in your house and second, they just destroy the house. They feed on it and do damages that could be worth thousands of bucks. Who would like termites? They may have an important role in nature but they surely do not have one inside your house because they do nothing but harm.

Regular checking for termites should really be done so that you will not ever have to deal with them and that, you will not have to worry about the damages that these pests can cause.

So here are a few things that you should check during termite inspection.

1. See if there is any evidence of swarmer living in your house.

Swarmer termites are one those termite families that could be living in your house. These are winged termites that fly around for a short time. If you see some tiny wings in your house then there might really be swarmer termites in your house. But you do not have to panic right away or call for professional pest inspector help right away since there are also winged ants that are quite identical to swarmer termites. But these two insects have different colonies and so you should first see where the colony is to be able to tell which insect is living in your house. If it is just ants, then you can just easily eliminate them but if it is really swarmer termites, then call for a professional help to deal with the problem.

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2. Check for mud tubes.

Have you seen those mud tubes anywhere in your house? If you poke it and destroy it, you will see a lot of termites inside and so, do not do it unless you are wearing a safety gear because termite bites are very painful. But this is one thing that you can be sure that there are termites living in your house. If you see a lot of mud tubes on your wall or in your kitchen or anywhere in your house and you do not know the proper way to deal with it, call for a professional pest control help immediately to have these mites eliminated for good.

3. Check for wood damages.

Wood damages are a good indicator that there are termites in your house. Of course, it should be unless you are fund of damaging woods in your house and if you are not, then those termites are the ones responsible for it. Check for wood damages all around your house to somehow have an idea on how big your termite problem is. If you can see a lot of damaged woods in your house, then surely, it is time that you do a complete termite control and hire professional help for it. Call the termite treatment Perth right away.