What You Need When Filing For Industrial Deafness Compensation

Industrial deafness is a result of being exposed to too much noise pollution in the workplace. This specially occurs if the exposure is extended over a long period of time. People who usually suffer from this are those who work in the mining, manufacturing, construction, and contact centre industries.

It is the employer’s duty to provide it’s workers proper protective gear and to put safety protocols in place.  Provided that one is able to prove that the employer neglected their duty to protect the employee’s safety, then an industrial deafness compensation amounts could be claimed.

Other requirements an employee should fulfill when making an industrial deafness claim are:

– Proof that you’re considered a worker under the 2003 Workers’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act
– Temporarily unemployed but still be regarded as a worker or the claim must be filed within a span of 12 months of the formal retirement
– Employment in an industry where the noise level was a significant factor in the deafness over the past 5 years.

Getting good legal counsel in Australia is the first step to attaining success in a claim battle. The lawyer will provide expert legal support and help the claimant get through all the complexities of the process.