Which Type of Water Cooler Do You Prefer?

Water is an essential requirement of the body. Water sources are everywhere but its cleanliness is a question. These days, there are many water coolers that can be seen in public areas, it has become a quality commodity that’s easy to acquire. People need water whenever they’re tired from their extracurricular activities such as jogging, walking, and biking. Bottles waters are expensive considering the need of the body after this kind of activities. The good thing is public sources for drinking are abundant and easy to locate. They are almost available anywhere you look. Schools, office, malls, and so forth.



Cold water generally offers more satisfaction than mild water. The coldness of the water can suffice the need of the body especially during summer or hot days. There are also times when people prefer mild water over cold ones. There are different types of water coolers that can be used for indoor and outdoor.  Outdoor types of water coolers are called water fountains. This is the usual type that can be service different individuals because of its design and features. In this type of cooler, the water spurts on an upward direction. Because of this feature, the lips or the mouth of the drinker will not be in contact with the faucet hence preventing contamination and saliva exchange.

Potable water is needed by the family. That is why the most popular type of water cooler that can be seen indoors is the free standing type. Free standing type can be put anywhere without the need of being connected to pipes or water system. The source of water comes from a big water bottle. This type provides lots of benefits to people. The free standing water cooler can provide people with cold and hot water. There’s a button that can be turn on if hot water is preferred. It needs electricity to work. It is clean, safe and economical.

Most known water coolers are attached to a water source that may or may not have automatic filtration system. Here are some other types of indoor water coolers that you might be familiar of.

Tap water: most tap waters can be obtained from faucets. They may be cleanly filtered or not depends on the location. Obviously, this is the most convenient and economical but there are also things to remember. Tap water or faucet type water cooler cannot provide cold or hot water, just mild.

Instant hot water dispenser: from the name itself, you already have an idea on what it’s limited to. If you are a tea or coffee drinker then this can serve you the most, but cold water is not an option for this type.

Direct connection water cooler: if you have gotten tired of having to refill bottles everytime it run outs, they this would be convenient for you. It’s connected to a direct water source and it provides the same advantage as that bottle refilling type.

Benchtop water cooler in Sydney are abundant and come in different kind. Just choose whatever type you can be more comfortable.