Why Polished Concrete Floors are trending in Home Décor

Interior designing is an extremely important part of home building. All the detailed adornments of your house speak a little more about you and your insight of the world. How you design your house is the parameter by which people judge your aesthetic sense. And the first thing someone notices when they walk into their house are what they are walking on when they enter. Floors are the first thing people notice while walking into a house they are invited too. Thus, it is very necessary to pay extra attention to them while going about designing your personal abode. The evolution of floors, common to every house, has been different during different times. In the recent trend studies, however polished concrete floors have completely hijacked the home décor market in their favour. We will explore the reasons here.

To start with, these floors, scientifically speaking, are concrete floors that have been chemically densified at the time of gritting. They are usually gritted with a lot more advanced gritting tools than what normal floors are gritted with and concrete floors are not usually considered polished before 800 grits. One of the prime advantages of having polished concrete floors is that, the high gloss finishing it provides doesn’t need further waxing or coating. Also it possesses supreme quality of durability. Usually used in the industrial sector like offices, school and hospitals until now, they are also catching on to become a trend among home owners completely on the factor of the performance of concrete.

© lazenby.co.uk

© lazenby.co.uk

From the aesthetical point of view, these floors can be stained and dyed and embedded with objects of your choice completely according to your tastes. The result is a smooth textured glamorous floors that are a step ahead of the regular marble or granite ones that have been used for so long. Also, it is unique in its own way and the finishing it provides, is very rich. You can choose to which degree concrete floors can be polished according to your financial budget and also maintenance capability. They usually range from satin to high gloss according to the grits. While floors are usually considered polished at 800 grits, you can go up to 3000 grits to ensure the finish is as perfect as it can get.

There are many commercial and retail stores that performs professional polishing of concrete. See polished concrete floors Melbourne. The budget usually depends on your demands and vary according to your customization. Also, polished concrete floors are completely immune to moisture transmission issues and other dampness problems that other types of floors are plagued with. It is extremely attention catching to have a floor that has greater light reflectivity properties. In fact, higher the amount of light it reflects, the glossier it looks. That is the sole reasons why commercial places like stores and shopping malls usually go for polishing concrete floors. Having such an addition to your house definitely ups its fancy quotient and appeals universally to almost everyone. These are the main reasons why the trend of polished concrete floors have gone higher above the other regular choices.