Why Screen Printing

Almost all of us want to have our things personalized like having a personalized mug, pen, and shirts. The most common and the easiest to personalize are the shirts and everyone wants to do it especially when there are events that need to be in a group. Personalized shirts are always present to put people in their respective groups and to easily detect where they belong.

Screen printing is one method to have a personalized shirt since screen printing is a way on how your own design will be put into the shirt and have it copied for as many times as you like. There are already other methods of getting this done just like the digital printing process. But screen printing still have its advantages and here are the advantages of screen printing.

1. It is very affordable.

Screen printing is the conventional way of putting on a design to whatever thing you want it to be put in. Say for example you want a hundred shirts with the same design and print in it. The best choice for you is to do it by screen printing since this is much cheaper especially in big quantities. The digital way of doing it will be pricing you by your quantity alone and not considering anything else. But in screen printing, the quantity do not matter as much since the colors that you will be using in the design or the prints are what matters most. This is why it is much more beneficial to use the screen printing since they are costing you for the colors and how big the design will be, not solely focused on the quantity of the things that you want to personalize. This is because the colors that will be used has to be maximized and if you just print one or two shirt, their colors will be wasted since one or two shirts will be using it.

screen printing

2. Great quality.

The screen printing method produces a better quality personalized item because it is made one by one with a clear focus by the one who is handling it. Also, the colors really do stick to where it is being printed on because they allow colors to set and leave it for a few hours to dry and become hard. This way, the colors will not come off very easily and you do not have to worry about washing it since you can be sure that the prints on the shirts for example, will not come off since the print is allowed to set.

3. You can trust the method.

The method is using time and expertise by the person who is doing it and these two things really go hand in hand in creating something that is of good quality. The person is really taking his time to be able to print masterfully and his expertise will help him do it properly. Screen printing is something that should not be overlooked just because it is a conventional way of doing things because it still has strong points with it.