Why Should We Use Misa Cool Rooms

Misa cool rooms are Italian freezing and cool room systems made of modular polyurethane. They provide several benefits to the user of which one of the most significant is MISA provides a more flexible, modular solution for food storage management:

• Easy assembly and disassembly of rooms giving critical establishment of investment funds
MISA cool room is measured instead of kitset, so can be any secluded size up to and including 8m x 8m x 3.2m high
• MISA boards come in three widths and four unique heights to fit into any space – MISA is perfect for tight spaces as it can be developed inside the room space
• It has its own built in coving systems that takes into account full inner coving for easy cleaning.

They are suitable for any location and can match any surroundings. Since they come in various sizes they can fit into any available space provided. You can customise the doors and windows with unique features according to your preferences and needs. Misa cool rooms even have rounded corners that provide the users easy cleaning of the corners of the cool rooms, which makes them highly hygienic. They are specially created from materials which are fire safe and therefore unlikely to catch or create fires and a high degree of safety is assured.

MISA panels use high-density MVS Polyurethane patented technology1 panel system rather than polystyrene. Polyurethane is far more superior than polystyrene, here’s why.

• It gives far more noteworthy protection properties and brilliant productivity giving no probability of dampness entrance
• Food vapours can’t cling to polyurethane like they can to polystyrene making it more reasonable for capacity of perishable sustenance
• MISA has a self-extinguishing foam that prevents fire from happening inside the cool room compared to polystyrene which is exceptionally combustible because of its capacity to assimilate 40% more dampness, for example, fat, oil and water from a kitchen’s domain
• They are environment-friendly as they preserve our planet’s natural resources because of how polyurethanes are HFC & CFC free

The materials are made from self-extinguishing foam and other non-absorbent materials, whereas other cool rooms that use polystyrene which have a high level of moisture in absorption, like fatty substances which are highly combustible. Misa cool rooms are very much capable of heavy duty cooling, no matter what type of environment they operate in. They provide more energy efficient even in extreme temperatures. It does not matter if the temperature outdoors reaches 40 degrees Celsius your staff will love outside more than inside your MISA cool room.

• The polyurethane boards that MISA is mostly composed of are up to half more productive when working in 43°C and 75% RH encompassing temperatures contrasted with 75mm and 80mm EPS panel systems
MISA cool and freezer rooms can be fitted with materials are condensing units to help maintain consistent temperatures more efficiently
• MISA rooms will keep the temperatures staying stable at all circumstances. They can work in temperatures as high as 43°C, and whether the atmosphere is cool or hot and damp, the temperature will be kept up at a perfect level keeping in mind the end goal to safeguard the food’s freshness and nourishment and to maintain a strategic distance from the decay of perishables.

1^ – Innovation in Polyurethanes